3Y0F Bouvet Project

Press Release No. 2, dated Aug 13, 2015

Hello, everyone,

I receive lot of questions re 3Y0F DXpedition.

At this time, some logistical issues remain open and unresolved

People in charge of Antarctic expeditions RAE (r/v “Ak. Fedorov”) and SANAP (r/v “S.A.Agulhas II”) are currently away on summer holidays. Nothing can be done until they are back at their respective offices. For obvious lack of immediate progress, I must admit that our operation will probably be delayed until the next season, 2016-2017. With limited time remaining for collecting funds for this year DXpedition, we are not going to meet looming organizational deadlines. We think, along with many other levelheaded hams, that Bouvet will remain among the top MWL entries (after P5).

We will continue with antenna manufacture and assembly of other equipment for the DXpedition. Soon, there will be a website where donation pledges (pledges, not actual money) can be made. This will allow us to measure the level of your interest and support for this undertaking, and do budget evaluations.

A large number of hams are interested in joining the expedition as operators. They want to know about personal contribution size (p/p cost). We estimate that amount to be equal to 4% of DXpedition budget. Exact numbers will be published when the budget is finalized.

At this time we have received estimates for costs and travel dates from Cape Town (South Africa) to Bouvet.

Please be patient and watch DXpedition news posted on qrz.com/db/3y0f

Respectfully submitted,

Alex Lebedev, UN7PCZ

Bouvet DXpedition Coordinator

April 12, 2015.

Alex, UN7PCz sent to amateurradiodx.com some photos. This is some antennas accessories for 3Y0F.

Alex’s dog!


Press Release #1 (Mar 7, .2015) by UN7PCZ /3Y0F

Greetings to all DXers
Our regards to all, with the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. We wish you all the very best.
We know that many of you eagerly await 3Y0F Bouvet DXpedition status information. Many of you already offered assistance, including financial support.
We are very grateful for the help being offered. But until there is full clarity with DXpedition logistics and budget, we will not be open to receive donations.
This operation will be conducted with 12 ops, 6 sets of radio equipment and 17 antennas. If we do everything right, we should succeed, mindful of all proper safety procedures, which is our major
concern. Bouvet Island climate is very perilous. Without safety precautions, member’s mutual support and compliance with rules of conduct long stay there is all but impossible. Much of our
upcoming expenses are directed at assuring the safety of participants and minimizing DXpedition risks.
If we had unlimited finances, it would have been simpler to have a vessel ‘on call’ throughout DXpedition duration. We would be able to call for instant equipment delivery, medical supplies or an urgent evacuation from Bouvet, if needed.
It would be safe to stay at the Norwegian Neryoisa scientific research station built in 2014. Unfortunately, since 3Y5X operation this area is closed to all visitors except for the NPI personnel. We
were permitted in the Slakhollet plateau area and one other location with the strict rules of conduct during our stay.
We are not accountants or professional money managers. We are hams, and have no desire to dazzle you with statistics and analysis of donation collections for major DXpeditions. We are more concerned with getting us to and from the island safely and doing an absolute maximum number of QSOs on all bands 6-160, CW, SSB and RTTY.
But to do that we need a lot of money, great team and detailed planning of the entire undertaking, from start to finish.
To save team members’ and sponsor’s money, we have decided to get on  and off the island using passing vessels that are traveling on the same route, more of less. That changes their itineraries somewhat, but we are able to save some 50% of travels expenses.
We are currently in discussions with the Russian Antarctic Expedition administration (St. Petersburg) – they manage ‘Academic Fedorov’, ‘Akademic Treshnikov’, ‘Akademic Karnitsky’ ships. Talks are also under way with agents for ‘S.A. Agulhas’ vessel in Cape Town, South Africa.
All of the ships have helicopters on board. We would be permitted to land only on the interior of the island, away from the shores inhabited by local fauna. So helicopters would be needed
Very soon, once we complete preparatory work and figure out DXpedition budget, we will launch a website that will feature our news. There you would be able to contribute to 3Y0F efforts with your generous donations. Until then, all of the information would be available rough http://qrz.com/db/3y0fhttp://www.amateurradiodx.com/3y0f-bouvet-project/ and DXpedition pilots.

At this time we are in the process of putting together some of the antennas (list is attached). They will be tested in April. Electraft had generously agreed to support us with a loan of 6 sets of
equipment. We are looking to have this equipment delivered to the staging and loading areas most rapidly and economically. Our plan is to have 3 large and 2 smaller tents on the island, with 3 x 4 kW generators. Our plans for the camp will be published later. We plan on posting real photos and documents of preparations for this trip.
We still have operator’s vacancies. Want to join this effort?
There are people out there who have doubts re our ability to put this together. We have even heard unfounded rumors about ourselves. However, truth and openness about what we do will prevail.
With you financial support and encouragement we can pull this off. Much depends on your, our dear fellow hams!

73! Alex UN7PCZ



A team of 12 operators, lead by Alex, UN7PCZ, will be active as 3Y0F (preliminary window) from 22 December 2015 to 15 January 2016. The group plans to be on the island for 2 weeks with 6 stations on the air.

Alex UN7PCZ obtained a permission by the Norwegian Polar Institute to operate as 3Y0F from Bouvet Island starting from December 2015 to January 2016.

Bouvet Island , IOTA AN-002 is located between South Africa and Antarctica and now it is ranked #2 most wanted by Club Log after Navassa activation.

Bouvet Island (Bouvetøya) is an uninhabited subantarctic volcanic island and belongs to Norway. Bouvet Island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean and is the most remote island in the world.





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