8Q7JC – Velassaru Island, Maldives

Jean VE2FDJ will be operating as 8Q7JC from the Island of Velassaru in the Maldives from November 29 to December 5, 2015. QSL via mail his regular call sign VE2FDJ, also via the Bureau. No eQSL and...

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JD1BON – Chichijima (AS-031), Ogasawara

Takeshi Ono (JA1UII) will be active again from Ogasawara between November 24 to December 6,2015 as JD1BON. He will QRV from 80m to 6m on CW,SSB,RTTY. He will active during CQ WW CW contest. QSL: JARL Buro is OK. Direct:JA1UII(Takeshi Ono) 3-33-11 Hachiouji Cyuo-ku Saitama-City Saitama 338-0006 JAPAN SASE:2USD or...

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3W3MD – Vietnam

D-Day for the 3W3MD/P AS 162 Hello Iota chasers from all aver the world! On saturday November 7th  our team start to shift from Cham island (reference IOTA AS-162) . If once a tem we’ll not find high Sea and Rain we’ll started the radio operations from Cham on 15-20 meters SSB/CW. We kindy request to Iota Chasers Community to call us only ATNO (All Time New One) so expecially we ask to the great friends from Japan to call us only one...

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3W4VE & 3W4VX – Phu Quoc Island

Hiro, JF1OCQ  and Kunio, JA8VE  will be operate as 3W4VE and 3W4VX from Phu Quoc Island, (IOTA AS-128), between November 4 to 11, 2015 . They will be active on HF Band and 6m also, in CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via home...

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XX9TIH, XX9TUD – Macau

Update October 23, 2015 We met Bom XX9LT in our QTH. Enjoy our photo under Spiderbeam. Why we cannot hear as many of you as we wished? The answer is simple: The only hotel who agreed to our antenna instalation was Pousada de Coloane. The problem is that we are encircled by close mountains to West, East and North. The mountain wall begins just a couple of meters behind our antennas and peaks to 172.5 m. So the angles of radiation are...

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4W/JE1CKA and 4W/JI1AVY – Timor Leste (OC-148)

Tack, JE1CKA will be active from Timor Leste (OC-148) October 21 till 28, 2015 as 4W/JE1CKA. QRV on 160 – 10m mainly CW. He will be active also in CQ WW DX SSB Contest 24 – 25 October 2015. QSL via home call. Hide, JI1AVY will be active from October 22 till 26, 2015 as 4W/JI1AVY. Antennas will be Inverted L(160/80m)/GP(40m)/Dipoles(HF+WARC). Rigs will be...

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XV2CJB – Vietnam

Miki, JJ2CJB will be active from Vietnam, as XV2CJB, between October 23-25, 2016. He will operate on 80-10 metres and also will take part in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via JJ2CJB and...

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A52CVX – Bhutan

Hans, SM6CVX will be active as A52CVX from Bhutan. Holiday style dxpedition to Sikkim (India) and the kingdom of Bhutan. He will be QRV from about 1200 GMT Tuesday 27th October at 0100 GMT Thursday 29th October. Hans announces that it will probably be activity even 23 and October 24, if it gets time. Mostly CW but also some SSB. Look a the following frequencies: CW: 7003, 10103, 14003, 18073, 21003 and 24903 SSB: 14202, 18140 and...

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JK3ZXK/5 – Shodo Island, AS-200

Members of Nara DX Association will be active from Shodo Island (iota AS-200) between October 10 and October 12 with the callsign of JK3ZXK/5. We will be on 20m, 17m, and 15m in CW and SSB mode. The operators are JA3FGJ, JA3NVF, JE3AGN, JJ3PRT and JP3AYQ. They will focus on EU, NA and SA this time. They will upload the QSO data to the Club Log everyday.  However, you could request our cards through OQRS either direct or bureau. The...

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R3RRC/0 – Brusneva Island

RZ3EC, RA3NAN, R3BY, RU5D, UA3EDQ and HA1AG will be active as R3RRC/0 from Brusneva Island (IOTA AS-082) between July  24 – 29, 2015 as. QSL via RZ3EC, OQRS. MORE INFO...

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9M2SE – Tioman Island (IOTA AS-046)

A Malaysian Special Expedition team, 9M2SE will be active from Tioman Island, West Malaysia (IOTA AS-046) between June 5th – 7th, 2015. Any Angel Donors is very welcome to QSL via...

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JA6TBE/6 – Kami Koshiki jima Island

Hiroyuki, JA6TBE is now active from AS-037 Koshikijima Islands – JCC: 4616 – Kami Koshiki jima(island), as JA6TBE/6. He will stay there until  May 5th 2015 Log on line here QSL: via BUREAU (OR DIRECT VIA...

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Earthquake Nepal – 9N1EMERGENCY

Earthquake Nepal – 9N1EMERGENCY Help Nepalese people Help Nepalese Amateur Radio Frequencies May 1, 2015. 9N1KK has sent exlusive images from Nepal. In the photo 9N1SD helping with operations using VHF in Sankhu, one of the most devastated areas around Kathmandu. Nepal Earthquake – Update 30 April 2015 As the time passes the situation in Nepal, hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake over the weekend, seems to be getting worse. Many...

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EK/DL7UCX & EK/DK7AO – Armenia

April 30, 2015. Ben DL7UCX sent to a photo of their antennas setup.   April 27, 2015. They built also Spiderbeam (20-10m) and 18m Vertical (160+80m). Log search is available on: EK/DL7UCX EK/DK7AO April 24, 2015. Ben DL7UCX informs Heavy problems, we had today 20 cm high snow and 5 hours without power supply. We erected first multi-band dipole for 40-10m and are on the air with strong QRM...

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9M4TI – Redang Island

April 25, 2015. DAY 2. All the crew was operating by shedule.  Wkd on band 15m / 20m /18m band.  They have stopped operation twice due to raining at day time. At evening 9M4TI crew have eyeball QSO with UW6AKR Ruslan and 9M2/R6AF at resort in Redang Island. April 24, 2015. Mohd, 9M2RDX sent to exclusive images of 9M4TI dxpedition, The station. Photos taking at Jetty Merang, Terengganu and at Marine Park Redang...

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