TM5CT -Grande Island (Iota EU-039)

F4CVA Chris – F4HJO Jerry – F5THW Luis – F5UPO Sam will be active from Grande Island (IOTA EU-039 // France Fauna Flora FFF-600 // Lighthouse ARLHS FRA-005) between November 4-7, 2015, as TM5CT. QRV on 10 – 80m, operating SSB, CW, RTTY. QSL via F4HJO (direct – buro) – Lotw Chausey is a group of small islands, islets and rocks of the coast of Normandy, in the English Channel (La Manche). The...

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C37N – Andorra

Members of “Tifariti Gang” will be active in the CQ WW 2015 contest using the callsign C37N. The operational site will be located in Naturlandia the Thematic Pyrenee mountains Ecologic Park. The URA official station C37N is located on the base camp of Naturlandina Eco-Park, so that the call sign suffix Naturlandia. Acutally the Sant Julia de Loira village council and Naturlandia Eco-Park are the main URA official sponsors...

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OJ0W – Market Reef

Pasi, OH3WS will be active again from Market Reef, as OJ0W, between October 17 until 19, 2015. He will be operatr on 10-40mts; Cw y Ssb. Qsl via...

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HV0A – Vatican City

Francesco IK0FVC, Martti OH2BH and Giordaano IK0FXD will be active from Vatican City between October 10 – 11, 2015 as HV0A. They will operate on HF Bands. QSL via IK0FVC direct...

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F/DL8JJ/P IOTA EU-081 most wanted 05.07-11.07.2015

Emil DL8JJ sent to some exlusive images of F/DL8JJ/P dxpedition. Best success expedition ever! 3,5 days spend on the island and done 4500 QSOs! LoTw allready uploadet and clublog...

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OJ0B – Market Reef

Market Reef, OJ0, Grid JP90NH, is just a barren rock on the open sea between Finland and Sweden. A piece of granite split between OH and SM representing CQ zones 14 and 15, with the Finnish side additionally counting for another DXCC entity. The Finnish Lighthouse Society (FLS) has been restoring the original charm of this very important landmark which is today fully automated, sending a warning light along a busy sea route. It is not...

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F/DL8JJ/p – Saint Marcouf island, IOTA most wanted EU-081

May 28, 2015 Emils is very busy with prepair the Expedition, but all is fine and he has a lot of fun. Here two pics…Notebooks prepair and ant prepair…   Emil, DL8JJ is planning to be active from Saint Marcouf island as F/DL8JJ/p – IOTA most wanted EU-081 – between July 05 till 10, 2015. Emil will appreciate, if you send small donation to the “Les amis de I’ile du Large Saint Marcouf”-...

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F/G3TTC/P – French IOTAs activations

Keith, G3TTC will  hope to activate some French IOTAs (Call F/G3TTC/P) while on holiday May 30th-July 4th:  EU-094 (May 31st?), EU-058 (June 9th?), EU-070 (June 12th?), EU-095 (June 16th?), EU-148?? (June 21st?), EU-159? (June 27th/28th?), EU-107 (2nd July?), EU-157 (July 4th?). Possibly Monaco on 6th June also. None of the activations are definite, he will try. All dates are ‘best guess’. He has antennas for 14 &...

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ZA/OU2I – Albania

Yesterday Hen OZ1BII received his license and callsign from ZA. He did not get the ZA2EE call as He whished so He will be acitve as ZA/OU2I. He will be on-air between May 27 – June 1, 2015, mainly on CW including CQ WPX Contest. Fatos ZA1G has made some arrangement with hotel in Durres and He will bringing his Elecraft K3,  Laptop and Diamond BB7V vertical plus a balun and some wire. Hopefully he can make some sort of Long Wire...

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EJ9FBB and EJ9GM – Little Saltee Island EU-103

Dave EI9FBB and Jeremy EI5GM will be active with a short activation from Little Saltee Island (iota EU-103), as EJ9FBB and EJ9GM, between May 23rd to 25th. QSL via H/cs  ...

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SV2/YL7A – Mount Athos

Operation cancelled Yuris YL2GM, Valery YL3CW, Jack YL2KA and Gunars YL2GD will be active as  SV2/YL7A from Mount Athos. Activity is expected between May 19 – 28, 2015. more info coming soon!...

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TF/DO2JX – Grimsey Island (EU-168)

Thor, DO2JX will be active from Iceland as TF/DO2JX in May 2015. One of his plans is to operate from Grimsey Island (EU-168) from May, 8-11, 2015. “…I am not sure whether there will be time to be active from other locations during my travel in Iceland, so hopefully propagation will be good on this particular weekend. I will be active mainly on 10 and 15m SSB running 100W into a hexbeam or an end fed half wave vertical...

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TM5U – Île de Bréhat (EU074)

REMINDER! ON7USB, ON5HC, ON7PQ, ON4PQ, ON8AZ is planning a dxpedition to Île de Bréhat (iota EU074). The call will be TM5U and they will be active from 10-05-2015 till 15-05-2015. Île de Bréhat (Breton: Enez Vriad) is an island located near Paimpol, a mile off the northern coast of Brittany. Administratively, it is a commune in the Côtes-d’Armor department in northwestern France. Bréhat is actually an archipelago composed of two...

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TM2BIG – Stagadon island (EU-105)

F4HAU Diego, F4FET Gil, F4HJO Jerome and SWL Louis will be active from  Stagadon island as TM2BIG, (IOTA: EU-105, DIFM: MA-094 , loc: IN78QO) from 14 to 16th May 2015 (and 1 station QRV until 18th May evening). 3 stations QRV from 6 to 40m SSB-RTTY shack: RTX:  FT857 x2 – TS570DG POWER: generator Honda 2kW – SDMO 3kW – 1 Batterie 12v 100Ah PSU:   60+55+30+30+25amps AMP: Ameritron ALS500 – HLA300 –...

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TF/F5LIT – Iceland

Emmanuel F5LIT is planning to be active from Iceland as TF/F5LIT between May 24-30, 2015. He will be active on HF bands. QSL Card via LOTW Only

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