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The PN aircraft which was cleared to fly to Pag-asa Wednesday morning, developed engine problems that need to be fixed and was not able to fly. So the DX0P support team was frantically looking for options to urgently fly Chito WW6CP out of Pagagsa. Thru my sister DU9EGL and his hubby Dr. Edsel DV9EFX who flew medical missions with PAMAS we tried to reach out to them, phone calls were made by the support team to Dwayne Harris, Director for PAMAS and was willing to fly medevac with government clearance. This was one successful collaborative effort of the DX0P evac support team with Leo WA6LOS, Diana, Dave and the rest who pulled this off.




Breaking News:
As of 12:45pm Philippine time April 23, the plane of the Adventist Medical Aviators Services (PAMAS) that flew to Pagasa for medivac to pick up Chito WW6CP and four others just landed in Puerto Princesa, Palawan!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

73 de AE6WR

New Spratlys incident delays emergency evacuation of sick ham radio enthusiast from Pag-asa

MANILA, Philippines — The emergency medical evacuation of a sick amateur radio enthusiast from Pag-asa Island has been delayed for days after a Chinese naval vessel reportedly harassed a Philippine Air Force patrol flight in the Spratlys on Monday, forcing the cancellation of flights to the disputed territory.

The incident would be the latest in a long string of run-ins over the Spratlys, where China has embarked on an aggressive reclamation and construction spree on disputed islets and reefs, and follows an April 13 incident where a Chinese coast guard vessel fired a water cannon on Filipino fishermen in Bajo de Masinloc, also known as Scarborough Shoal.

Leo Almazan, a member of the ham radio Mabuhay DX Group, which is licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission and whose members are of Filipino ancestry, told InterAksyon.com they had gone to Pag-asa to set up an amateur radio operations and test a portable solar power system in coordination with the Philippine Navy Research and Development Center, as well as conduct a “mini medical mission,” as one of the team members is a doctor from Batangas.

“We arrived April 17 and have been operating there since then,” he said.

The group’s call sign, DX0P, “is to tell not only the amateur radio world but also the rest of the world that Pag-asa is sovereign Philippine territory,” Almazan stressed.

However, over the weekend, one of the team members, Chito Pastor, came down with a kidney infection from drinking the highly saline local water after the supply of drinking water the ham radio enthusiasts had brought ran out.

The morning of Monday, April 20, Almazan said the Philippine Navy was getting ready to send an Islander aircraft to fly Pastor off Pag-asa for medical treatment.

However, the mercy flight did not push through after a Chinese frigate “fired an illumination round on a PAF patrol aircraft earlier.”

Although the aircraft was cleared to fly to Pag-asa Wednesday morning, it developed engine problems and “now we have to wait for maintenance to fix it and try again tomorrow,” Almazan said.

However, he later said a message from Navy headquarters informed them that a civilian aircraft has been cleared to fly the medical mission Thursday morning.

In the meantime, he said, blood has begun showing in Pastor’s urine and “we are running out of pain medication” for their stricken team member.






Packed up and ready to go!


It’s been a while since updates have been posted. It’s been challenging to contact the DX0P team from the West Coast. A few hours ago I finally received updates!

As of yesterday, antennas has been taken down, most the equipment packed, now the wait is on for the ship to take the team back to Puerto Princesa, Palawan on April 22.  While waiting for the ship, DX0P will still be up on the air intermittently using homebrewed dipoles cut for mono band operations for 12, 17 & 30… 60 meters. With 40 meter openings after the sunset with Oceania dominating the bands… 80 meter which opens up right around 1830 UTC till 2100UTC, they continue will work the airwaves until the ship comes.

Unofficially, DX0P has made roughly 5,000 contacts to include RTTY and SSB on 12, 17 & 30 meters as of 2100 UTC today. The Logs? It ill be uploaded as soon as they have full internet access.

It’s been a good and challenging expedition to the Spratly’s. The team operated for about five days since arriving Pagasa Island on April 16. The DX0P Team is in high spirits and looking forward to returning home after having such a challenging experience. We wish the team safe travel back. Looking forward to sharing their experiences with you all when they return.

April 19, 2015.

With almost 48 hours of operation DX0P has logged over 3,500 QSO’s! As there is no internet on the Island, it is very difficult for the team to send out the ADIF log files to be uploaded. We are trying other methods to get the logs sent out so Club Log can be updated as soon as possible.

Inspite the challenges in propagation and limited time runs on generator power, the team is working hard to work every station that is calling DX0P. They are trying to utilize their resources to work as many bands as they can between different modes.

I was at the 66th International DX Convention at Visalia, CA, Friday and Saturday. Three HF stations with beam antennas were setup at the exhibit hall made available to the attendees by Elecraft, Flex radio and the special event station N6V. Hams in the venue and myself tried to work DX0P but the propagation was very challenging during the hours we were calling.

I thank those who have sent in comments and suggestions. It has been forwarded to the team for them to review and implement as necessary.  I know it’s been challenging for some to work DX0P, I encourage stations to keep trying I hope you are able to work DX0P. In behalf of the team I thank all of you for your patience and support.

73 de AE6WR

Am I in the log?

April 17, 2015.

Leo WA6LOS informs amateurradiodx.com that DX0P up and running on 14.277MHz and 21.088 MHz RTTY.

April 15, 2015.


As of 0745 UTC, 3:45 PM Philippine time, the PN ship has finally set sail!

They were experiencing heavy downpour as they waited for departure. The weather was a concern that may slow them down abit. As they left port, the weather cleared. Cruising at their current speed, it may take over 24 hours for the ship to arrive in pagasa. I hope the weather will be on their favor when the team arrives in Pagasa Island allowing them to speedily setup and operate.

73 de AE6WR

07.00 z

dx0p_33The DX0P team’s arrival to Pagasa has been delayed indefinitely. The BRP Apolinario Mabini which was scheduled to sail to Spratly Island from Palawan at noon of April 14 was delayed. The vessel’s departure was moved to midnight. As of this writing it is 6:26am Philippine time, 2226 UTC, April 15, the ship has not received orders to sail. As it is the vessel of the Philippine Navy, the DX0P team is under the mercy of the their Commanders. The Philippine Navy would also like to ensure the safety of the travel and everyone on board. The ship captain notified Joel WJ1P, the DX0P Assistant Team Lead on who is board the vessel that they may sail anytime soon this morning. Until then, we will all have to wait.

A lot of consideration has been done prior to activating DX0P 2015 and delays like this has been one of them. The only way to get to the island is thru transportation provided by the Philippine Navy. We appreciate the patience of all you DXers world-wide who are waiting on the bands for DX0P. The team is looking forward to departing from Palawan and hope to be on the Pagasa Island soon and get on the air.

April 14, 2015.

7.00 z

DX1M/MM QRV 13:53h Manila. 20 Meters 14.277mhz on board BRP Apolinario Mabini Philippine Navy ship.

dx0p_mm dx0p_mm_2

April 13, 2015


L-R: Joel WJ1P DU1JP, Joey DU1BP, Jun DU1JM, Yolanda, Chito WW6CP, Billy WE6DX, Ven DV3KWM, Joseph DU2BOQ & RJ DU7RJA. Leo WA6LOS not in picture.


L-R: Joey DU1BP, Jun DU1JM, Joseph DU2BOQ, Ven DV3KWM, & RJ DU7RJA

 April 12, 2015

The DX0P team is on their way to Pagasa Island in the Spratly’s.  April 10, the members of the team from the US and Canada has arrived in Manila Philippines and joined the rest of the expedition team members who are from the Philippines in Naga City for the  83rd Philippine Amateur Radio Association National Hamvention and the  22nd International Grand Eyeball-QSO.

April 13, the team will fly from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  From Puerto Princesa, four members of the team will be flown to the island on board the Philippine Navy Islander aircraft. The first team will immediately setup the area, put up the antennas and first two contest stations. The rest of the team will be arriving the island on board the Philippine Navy ship.

 The DX0P team’s excitement is building and can’t wait to get to the island and get on the air. We look forward to working you on the air soon



see more info DX0P website

March 17th.

They are planning to be active from April 15 to 20, 2015.

March 16th.

“Finally, our shipment has arrived in Puerto Princesa!!!” WA6LOS
Thank you so much Wells Cargo Express! Our antenna’s, coax, genetor, etc… arrived Puerto Princessa.



January 24th.

DX0P receives INDEXA grant…



Leo Almazan WA6LOS Team Lead
RJ Ambata DU7RJA
Joseph Boquecosa DU2BOQ
Ven Dacuma DU3KWM
Yolanda Dacuma
Jun Morano DU1JM
Dr Joey Panganiban DU1BP
Chito Pastor WW6CP
Joel Limjoco Pastor WJ1P / DU1JP
Billy Villegas WE6DX

will be active as DX0P from Pagasa Island, Spratly Islands (AS-051) in April 2015.

Bernard Fernandez K6BF
Alex Fernandez K6BG

Team Leader:  WA6LOS

RIGS: Elecraft (3) K3-100, (1) KX3 ORP radio


ANTENNAS: N6BT 160m-80m, N6BT Bravo co-phased 2 element Bravo, N6BT EVA-220 two element asymetric 2 element yagi. StepIR CrankIR for QRP. A3S Yagi 10m-20m

BANDS: 160m-10m, may include WARC bands


QSL VIA: Leo Alamazan WA6LOS


ELECRAFT “Hands On Radio”
N6BT Antennas (World Record Antenna Systems)
StepIR Antennas (CrankIR portable antennas)
Wells Cargo Express (Freight Forwarding Service to the Philippines)
Aspect Solar (Battery Backup + Solar Power Systems)
INDEXA (International DX Association)
HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) * HEIL Sound * Tigertronics


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