OJ0B – Market Reef

Market Reef, OJ0, Grid JP90NH, is just a barren rock on the open sea between Finland and Sweden. A piece of granite split between OH and SM representing CQ zones 14 and 15, with the Finnish side additionally counting for another DXCC entity.

The Finnish Lighthouse Society (FLS) has been restoring the original charm of this very important landmark which is today fully automated, sending a warning light along a busy sea route. It is not surprising that many OH hams have joined the FLS and cooperation between FLS people and radio amateurs is quite extensive.

There are dedicated quarters on the reef for Amateur Radio specified , with two 230VAC phases from a solar/diesel power source to provide 2 kW of energy for visiting hams. The antenna setup for a successful DX operation are provided by Martti, OH2BH; Timo, OG9X and Teemu, SM0W.

Pasi, OH3WS/OJ0W is an ex-President of SRAL and current President of FLS. Pasi can be contacted if you would like to activate OJ0-land. The maximum number of members of an Amateur Radio team is four.

Two FLS hams – Harri, OH6VM/OJ0VM and Jussi, OH6KV/OJ0KV – will be joined this coming week by six more hams: Niko, OH2GEK; Martti, OH2BH; Pekka,OH2TA; Kim, OH6KZP; Juho, OH6ZZ and Jukka, OH8MSM.

They will be in OJ0 repairing all damaged antennas after a severe winter. Additionally, they will go ahead with first-ever 2M EME activity with tilt antennas from OJ0 while also keeping their 6M antenna fixed to USA in case of a sporadic-E opening. When the moon is down, they will be running MS.

OH6ZZ and OH8MSM will be in charge of EME operations while the rest of the team will take care of HF CW/SSB and RTTY during all key openings after making their HF antennas operational. This team of six will use the OJ0B callsign.

2M data: EME 144.123 – MS FSK 144.353
Antennas: 2x11H and 2x10V
Amplifier: Tajfun 1000 and SPE 1.3 KW

The OJ0B team will also do some equipment testing as they plan to run two new SPE 1.5 kW output solid-state amps weighing 7.5 kg (16 lbs), ideally suited for a DXpedition. The spiky generator of the lighthouse will be an ultimate test of amp survival.

The OJ0B 2M U.S. pilot is Joel, W5ZN, (email w5zn at w5zn.org), OJ0B General pilot John, OH5NZ, (email oh5nz at sral.fi)

Some other operations are also scheduled for the summer months this year, with Dietmar, DL3DXX expected on Market Reef in August for his hideaway on his 60th birthday. You will be able to congratulate Dietmar on his important milestone at the beginning of a new low-band season – Dietmar’s specific love in Amateur Radio.

As the weather is a key issue for an always critical landing, the order of events may be changed by Mother Nature.

OJ0B QSL via OH2BH. OQRS will be activated shortly.

See more relevant data and pictures at QRZ.com, call OJ0AM

OQRS LINK https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/OJ0B

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