PQ0T Project 2015 Trindade Island

April 9, 2015

The first photos send to amateurradiodx.com.

April 8, 2015

18.30 z

Fabio informs amateurradiodx.com:

Have arrived at PY1 hours ago.

Today i’m gonna up loaded our log at clublog.

Many thanks for your support.We are arriving at hotel now

April 3.

07,00 z

PQ0T in now active on 20-30 and 40 m

April 2.

15.25 z

PQ0T in now on the air on 10 m and 15 m

07.00 z

The PQ0T operation will have started day 04/02/2015 12:00 utc operating initially in the bands of 10 and 15 meters.
We emphasize that they are without internet until they reached the island, and after the arrival, the internet is only available in navy control room, away from where the station will be mounted, so please realize concerning the contact updates.

April 1.

The team was at 21:30z of March 31, in HG17TS, / MM calling CQ in 14205Mhz. The expected arrival on the island will be 02.april.2015, starting 12: 00Z in 15m after the second station on 10m.

March 31.

Yesterday  the team was on the air, /MM between 19:30z / 21:00z 14205Mhz.  Today, there is a strong possibility that they will be  on the air again /MM

March 30th.

16.30 z

Five team members “PQ0T”, sailed for Trindade & Martin Vaz Isl, aboard “Navy ship”  this morning. PP5JD Jaime, PP5BZ Fabio, PY3MM Miguel, PY3OZ Claudio and PY3FJ Jacobus.

The estimated arrival time is in two days.

02.45 z

The PQ0T are on the ship and Tomorrow gonna to Trindade.

PQ0T/MM isn’t confirmed yet.

Probabliby they will arrive there on Wednesday evening.

March 18, 2015

The Brazilian Navy has confirmed “PQ0T team” return to Trinidad aboard the Patrol Boat Oceanic ARAGUARI .

The group will arrive in PY1 day 29/03 and board the ship on the same day. The boat trip will start in the morning of March 30 toward the Trinity Island.

As they left early, probably they will be in the air between Wednesday night (01/04/2015) and Thursday morning (02/04/2015).

Begin operation as soon as authorized by the command of MB on the island.

The Project

Five members of Araucária DX Group  will be active from Trindade Island. The team will consist of PP5BZ Fabio, PP5JD Jaime, PY3FJ Jacobus, PY3MM Miguel and PY3OZ Claudio.

They will be active probably between April 2-4, 2015, but confirmation of the exact date depends on the Brazilian Navy .

QRV on 160-6 meters CW , SSB and RTTY .

The last activation of the Trindade Island occurred in 2011 with PP0T .

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