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First QSO on-line


22 February 2015.

17.50 Z

The team must start packing now. Only 2 hours of activity left!

15.45 Z

Dom reports much better signals from the new location in Chatham Bay. He managed to talk the rangers into allowing Przemek with one more station there. So now they have 2 stations running from Chatham Bay. They share a bulding with a divers’ station, which causes trouble when they come and load gases into their tanks. The weather forecast for the trip back is bad. The captain has contacted Dom to inform they might have to be leaving earlier. More news to come later.

08.00 Z

Dima and Przemek packing stuff for Dom. It’s only Dom who is allowed to operate from Chatham Bay. The rest of the team stayed in Wafer Bay.


21 February 2015.

 16.25 Z

Dom, 3Z9DX has started his (at least 2 hour) hike to Chatham Bay through the mountains dragging all his equipment. As there is permission for only 1 person the rest of the team are staying where they are, so typically if propagation allows you should expect them on the bands as usual, avoiding the contest activity this weekend.

00.30 Z

Dom managed to get permission to install 1 station and 1 antenna (multiband vertical) in Chatham Bay, a more favourable location towards Europe till the end of the dxpedition! Dom himself will be moving there some time tomorrow. The expedition finishes at midday local time on February 24th. They are leaving Cocos Island in the evening of Feb. 24th.

Chatham Bay

Chatham Bay, Cocos Island


20 February 2015.

TI9/3Z9DX on 21.205 SSB – 20 February 2015 at 2325z. Video by TG9AJR.


TI9/3Z9DX on 18.072 CW split up – 17 Feb 2015 around 1940z. Video by TG9AJR Juan.

 19 February 2015.

16.00 Z

The team is fully ready to try out their low band 4 squares again. Look for them on CW – 80m and TOP BAND tonight! Beaming north from Europe might help!
They have made over 300 qsos on 160m so far.

12.30 Z

Cocos Island suffered a terrible storm just after 7:00 UTC. The island is known for an average annual rainfall of over 7,000 mm (over 7m of rainwater a year!)
4-square antennas suffered being almost washed out but during low tide the team made the necessary repairs. Everything is under control now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed Dom & Friends can continue their great efforts without problems!

video by UR0MC, from his QTH

18 February 2015.

15.30 Z

Wafer Bay is the exact location of the dxpedition.


TI9/3Z9DX location


The setup antennas


00.00 Z

Dom TI9/3Z9DX using 4-square on 7155. Great signal in Europe!

 17 February 2015.

14.22 Z

Dom reports hearing only Scandinavia from EU on 20m. They are blocked by rocks on the path to Europe.

00.15 Z

Dom is going to run 20m with 2 ele buddipole. 4-square antennas being prepared for 40, 80 and 160m. Low bands CW activated later today.

dom 3z9dx_in the pileup

Dom 3X9DX


TI9 team


16 February 2015.

20.00 Z

As predicted and announced here the dxpedition started exactly at 20:00 UTC on 14200. The first QSO with Pat KJ5Y, who then put them on cluster.

13.15 Z

Dom 3Z9DX reports the boat has arrived at the island. The rough sea prevents proper transportation by dinghy. They will be making an attempt to set foot on Cocos Island in 1-2 hours.

Expect to be QRV around 18-19Z today.







00.15 Z

The team are to reach the island in about 7 hours, but will have to await the morning (6-7 a.m. local time) to transport their stuff to the shore. Then they need to make a 40-minute “walk” to their destination (with all the equipment!).


photo by Ken, KC1CYN


15 February 2015

TI9/3Z9DX/mm 24.960 split 5-10 up with Dom at the mike. The rest of the team setting up and tuning antennas while on the boat to have everything ready when they arrive. Right now 160/80 m antennas being prepared.



TI9 Team on the way to the Cocos Island. They will have very very limited acces to sat phone. Any questions, comments sugestions please forward to the pilots stations.

Short info:

Boat trip to the Island February 14th 2015 (takes 30h from Costa Rica)

Radio Permit is issued for 7 days only , that means we can operate only for about 6 days (24h/day operation)

They are in possession of the second permit , which allows us to stays on the island overnight.

2 radios on AIR , 160m – 10m SSB,CW,RTTY

We will be on air as TI9/3Z9dx/MM during boat travel to and back from Cocos isl.


– 3 x Elecraft k3 with KPA500, ACOM

Kenwood ,Yaesu


– Buddipole NEW 2 el. Vertical dipoles 10-20m (several convigurations) by http://www.buddipole.com/

– VDA 2,3 el Vertical dipoles antennas 10-20m

– GP vertical 40-80 by http://www.sp7gxp.pl/

– 6m GXP by http://www.sp7gxp.pl/

– 160m inv. L and V + RX BVG

Return to the Costa Rica main land on february 24th 2015

TI9/3z9dx is not only Dxpediton, it is not only DXCC most wanted #26 , is not only IOTA# NA 012

Z9DX Dom, TI2HMJ Jorge and SP8SIW Przemek will be active from Cocos Island between February 16 to 23, 2015.

They are in close cooperation with National Parks of Costa Rica, which are managed under the umbrella of SINAC (Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion), a department of Costa Rica‘s Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE).

During the 7 days stay on the island they will make important repairs of HF and VHF marine safety system located in Cocos Isl.

-New HF antennas

-New VHF antennas

-New marine HF Radios will be installed

-New power lines  for all radio equipment

-Several repairs around towers and marine HF station

PROJECT  by 3z9dx & friends


The actual activating of this #26 most wanted DXCC and IOTA  #NA012   is tricky and expensive. We kindly ask all enthusiasts to help offset part of our costs. Any amount is most welcome and we will make sure you’re mentioned along with generous organisations and clubs


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  1. Please post link for donations.. it is on the main website but not that easy to find. I will repost on my Facebook page and qrz.com page.

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  2. Hello, my name is Ken my call sign is KC1CYN, I love what you’re doing at Cocos Island! I would greatly appreciate a credit for the aerial photograph you are using of the island. I took that photograph from an ultralight aircraft in 1994.

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